When There Is No Color Anymore

June 07, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

When There Is No Color Anymore


When there is no color anymore

When ancestry is forgotten

When we're all covered in the same brown mud

When we color the earth with the same red blood


When we cry together, holding each other's arms

When we stand together, shielding each other from harm

When we think about our homes; how different they might be

And still, we all know what in our minds we see


When we fight together in a faraway war

Who then, dares to speak, who wasn't here,

About how different we are

About all those things we shouldn't share


Who then, doesn't want to see

That fighting together made us blind

For any race, but humankind

And the only place we want to be

Is at home,

At rest,

In peace



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