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What Aspect Ratios For Fine Art Images

August 16, 2018
Explaining why I have a preference for the 5:4 aspect ratio For displaying and printing my images, I have a distinct preference for using the 5:4 aspect ratio. In this p...
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What Type Of Photographic Print Did You Buy?

August 09, 2018
A brief introduction to photographic prints You decided you want to collect fine art photography and you have bought, framed, and displayed your first print. You are ad...
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Am I A Photographer Who Writes, Or A Writer Who Takes Pictures?

August 02, 2018
Why it is easier for me to create stories to images, than creating images for stories In my post Why I Combine Photography With Stories, I explained why I use storytel...
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A Bench In A Park (A Haiku)

July 26, 2018
A Bench In A Park A bench in a park empty but for the mem'ries of lovers kissing Subscribe here, and don't miss any new blog posts from Manten|Photography
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Where To Find Reedy River's Secret Worlds

July 19, 2018
Maps Of A Mysterious World Under Reedy River I love maps. Already when I was a kid I loved looking at maps. Tracking all the roads and other lines with my fingers, wo...
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Where Once Through Taylors' Halls

July 12, 2018
Where once through Taylors' halls The sound of mighty weavers Filled the air with Southern snow Empty spaces now prevail A wandering soul A harbinger of better t...
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Liberty And Justice For All

July 04, 2018
Catching the gleam of early rays This symbol Reminds a nation How d early contested to establish And dearly contested to hold together It was and is One nation, sti...
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You Bought A Fine Art Photography Print, What Now?

June 28, 2018
Matting, Framing and Displaying Fine Art Photography Prints You decided that you wanted to have some art in your house. You decided that you wanted to have photographic...
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Sunday Morning Anticipation

June 17, 2018
Sunday Morning Anticipation Early Sunday morning Everyone still in church Tables cleaned, waiting for patrons to come Anticipation of clinking cuttlery, and cheerfu...
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When There Is No Color Anymore

June 07, 2018
When There Is No Color Anymore When there is no color anymore When ancestry is forgotten When we're all covered in the same brown mud When we color the earth with the...
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After The Soul Is Gone

May 31, 2018
Grainy Fragments Of Fading Memories Early 2016, after my mother suffered a couple of consecutive strokes that triggered accelerated loss of memory (dementia? Alzheimer's...
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Socrates' Shadow

May 24, 2018
Socrates' Shadow Pleated squares of light Subtle patterns, colors softened, forms implied Photons caught on emulsive, transformed into digits Do we see what we see?...
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How To Become A Collector Of Fine Art Photography

May 10, 2018
Anyone with an interest in fine art photography can become a collector Photography has come a long way since its inception and has established itself as a recognized and...
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Can You See Me Now? (A Haiku)

May 03, 2018
Can You See Me Now? Hello, Peekaboo Unconscious museum play Hiding in plain sight Subscribe here, and don't miss any new blog posts from Manten|Photography Sav...
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Image of the Month: Triumph

April 26, 2018
Images Of A Vintage Triumph Car To Soothe A Terrible Experience Last week was a really bad week. While stopped at a traffic light with my 2002 Mustang convertible, a...
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